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Torah Ohr was founded in 1990 as a non-profit California corporation for the purpose of reunting the Jewish people with their heritage. Through Torah Ohr thousands have embraced the tradition of their birthright. Torah Ohr also acknowledges the Israeli-American community residing in America and especially in the greater Los Angeles area and created numerous programs and events specifically for the Hebrew speaking Jews.


Torah Ohr is based in a state of the art synagogue facility in Los Angeles. Besides hosting all the daily tefillot in the Sephardi-Israeli tradition it is also a center of learning. Torah classes are held through each day geared for each individual, some personal, one-on-one sessions and others in medium sized groups. Lectures are held regulary on various interesting and popular subjects. Refer to the website for a listing.


A major part of our outreach is through the distribution of audio and video media. They include lecture titles in diverse areas of our heritage, e.g. Life after death, Kabbala, Proof of creation, Torah codes and many others. New titles are constantly being added and updated. All are distributed for free. If you would like to place an order feel free to contact our office.